Prototyping tools (»rapid tooling«)

M&M SOLUTIONS d.o.o. offers production of prototype tools and prototype plastic parts/pieces in the shortest possible time.
We create prototypes that help you quickly check and validate your idea – test it and get results.

Post processing

At M&M SOLUTIONS we use the following advanced machining processes:

  • standard & high-speed milling (HS),
  • turning,
  • spark erosion (EDM),
  • wire erosion,
  • surface & profile grinding,
  • 3D electrode measurements,
  • polishing
  • fine blasting

Service and maintenance of plastic injection molding tools

Our team has professionally trained toolmakers to service tools up to 5t (one half).

We provide:

  • cleaning,
  • regular maintenance and repair of tools,
  • hydraulic maintenance,
  • maintenance of pneumatic circuit
  • inspection and service of hot runner and »tempered« systems/circuits).

Tool parts production

At our company we strive to meet our customer’s requests and to produce high-precision tool parts. We are also able to produce tool parts with conformal channels.

Machine parts

We also manufacture machine parts used in domain of

  • mechanical engineering,
  • automation

Machining of plastic parts

We offer services and machining of plastic parts made of the following materials:

  • PA,
  • POM

Machining of aluminum components

We produce aluminum components for the following fields:

  • mechanical engineering,
  • space industry
  • automation

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